Year Completed: Pre – Production

Genres: Action

Stars: Dolph Lundgren

Director: TBA

Travis Johansen, a drunk, washed-up San Diego police sergeant is sent across the border to Mexico on a job to save his career. He has to bring back a prisoner to testify in an investigation into the murders of two undercover police officers back in San Diego. The prisoner turns out to be Rosa, a Mexican hooker involved with the Mexican drug cartels. Soon, the whole of Mexico seems to be gunning for Johansen and his red-hot witness. Set in the big-horizon desert landscape of the American-Mexican border, "WANTED MAN" traces the love-hate relationship between Johansen and his colorful captive. Everybody goes running for cover as our odd couple tries desperately to escape their pursuers and make it to the good ol' US of A. To make things worse, both his captive Rosa and Johansen's partners back in San Diego have hidden secrets that turn the final showdown into a crazy, bloody hall of mirrors.